Eden Is Lost
  • Eden Is Lost
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Eden is lost !

Stardate 11022016/0306
As soon as our whaleship got out of warp we sent a radarbat to the planet we considered to be Eden. We recognised the lighthouse signature and had good hope to find the gardeners of Eden. They were our last hope to help us prevent the extinction of the tree people. Right then our radarbat returned in a state of panic, as soon as it got within radiodistance it kept sending the same message over and over again. Eden is lost..Eden is lost.. we were just about to turn the radiovolume down when the bat smashed the hull of our whaleship. Obviously the bat was lost as well. The from the dark planet surface emerged a giant snake. Now we knew why Eden was lost. The snake had eaten all the goodies, and propably the gardeners as well. The only thing the serpent had spared was the lighthouse, most likely to lure aliens like us. Disappointed we threw the remains of the radarbat in the dustbin and prepared ourselves to worm back through the warphole.

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